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Dagon is unredeemable in the eyes of the gods he betrayed centuries ago, but now, the Mesopotamian sea god is truly screwed. The answer to his redemption, his Chosen, is finally within reach, but the powers-that-be have stepped up their war against the Earth-bound gods, and he’s literally ripped from her arms. Thrust into the Underworld, he is forced to battle demons, and his body is ravaged beyond endurance. Perhaps it’s for the best. Intense physical pain might be the only thing that can make him forget her.

After a hellish youth, bartender, Holly Abelard is just trying to get through life. At least, that’s what she thinks until the guy she’s hot for announces he’s a god, and she’s his mate. She’s barely coming to terms with that revelation when the sexy hunk is sucked into the Underworld, and she’s left in the hands of a league of super gods. But Holly isn’t giving up on getting Dagon back. That isn’t to say she doesn’t have her doubts. Had he really sported fangs and scales? What the hell? Or should she say what in Hell, because that’s where she'll have go to find him.

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REVIEWThe only words I can use to describe Dagon and Holly in LJ Vickery's Going Deep are: Seductive, Sensual, and HOT CHA CHA CHA! This book not too hot to handle but it is a non stop thrill ride. There are parts where the reader will laugh, cry, and run to a cold shower. Dagon and Holly's chemistry together is off the charts and that's what makes these books so awesome is that LJ Vickery has a talent for character chemistry. This is a must read.

RATING: 5 Stars 

Reviewed by: Nikki

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