Thursday, June 22, 2017

REVIEW- Interaction with a Dragon (Human Interaction Series #4) by Cheyenne Meadows #5stars

Alex is desperate. Her cupboards are bare, her bank account empty, and she's days away from homelessness. Then, her luck changes in the form of a position as a personal assistant to the baddest, scariest Enforcer around--Cannibal. The man cloaked in mystery, who carries a huge sword, and has scowling down to an art.

Not ready to give up her first job opportunity in months, Alex sucks it up, determined to earn Cannibal's respect in the process. Hard to do when he threatens to cut off her toes for a snack and she breaks one of his cardinal rules her first day. Yet, she senses something special in Cannibal.

She can't ignore the powerful attraction as she finds herself playing the part of his girlfriend for his dragon brethren. Nor when she stands with him as the only ones capable of destroying an evil wizard determined to end the world.

Deep feelings forged in crisis tend to be fleeting. Alex understands the odds, but knows one thing--Cannibal and her heart are both worth fighting for.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.

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This book was such a wonderfully awesome adventure ride of a read with enough heat to set a city on fire. "Interaction with a Dragon(Human Interaction Series #4) by Cheyenne Meadows not only had comedy; it also had this fantastical adventure that blended the realm of fantasy with the real world with a love story that will pull the heart strings and send the reader into a cold shower. Cannibal and Alex's chemistry is a match made in romance heaven. Both are complete opposites yet they are stubborn which makes for some great banter and even better intimate scenes. This book and series is a must add to your reading library.

RATING: 5 Stars 

Reviewed by: Nikki

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