Thursday, June 22, 2017

REVIEW- Ramatel's Vow by Joel Crofoot #5stars

Seventy generations ago, the angel Ramatel was cast into hell for sleeping with human women. Now he has returned to earth, harboring a vendetta against God, only to find himself strapped with a beautiful young apprentice. How far will he go to carry a grudge?

Clara has been given a second chance to save her soul by working with her chauvinistic mentor who has antiquated ideas of gender roles. She bucks his authority at every chance, but how long can she hold out?

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Ramatel's Vow by Joel Crofoot has got to be one of the better angel PNR books I have read in quite some time. This book will break the heart and then put it all back together again before sending the reader to take a cold shower with all the hot sparks that fly between Clara and Ramatel. 
Ramatel is part of a group of angels who were punished by being sent to hell where they were tortured. Back on Earth, they fight against demons. Ramatel wanted nothing to do with the red headed woman that appeared in his room. He had packed a solid wall of ice around his heart for a reason; his vow.  
Clara can't remember what she did in life other than she was shot and now she was in some house that was filled with angels and one that looked as if he wanted to throw her through something. However, Clara finds herself falling in love with Ramatel and little by little she's melting the ice in his heart and the anger he carries but will it be enough? 
"Ramatel's Vow" is worth the read and even the re-read. I can't wait to read more from Joel Crofoot. 
RATING: 5 Stars 

Reviewed by: Nikki

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