Saturday, June 24, 2017

REVIEW- Rock My World by Lee Piper #5stars

High school teacher Grace Thompson didn’t want to be a mentor. And she sure as hell didn’t want to mentor Levi Mondez. 

They got off to a rocky start, but it wasn’t entirely her fault. How was she to know he was the lead singer of local rock band, Mondez? How was she to know he considered her short temper a turn on? And how was she to know her best friend, Riley, would fall for him? 

If he wasn’t so damn gorgeous it might have made the whole mess easier to handle. If he didn’t transform Grace into a blazing furnace of need, and if he hadn’t confused the hell out of her already bruised heart, life might have turned out a heck of a lot differently. She was screwed

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Sex, Rock n' Roll, and a hot guy who got really hot for the teacher is a Rock n' Roll story made in heaven even if said teacher is more hell than heaven. "Rock My World" by Lee Piper is one of the best mainstream rock romances I've read in quite some time. Jaded and still grieving Grace isn't looking for a man but when she can't seem to escape the lead singer of a rock band. Levi sees something in Grace worth fighting for even if she can't and he's determined. Both of them have secrets and trust is going to be hard earned. The sparks that ignite an inferno is going to have readers flocking to cold showers. 
I highly recommend this sexy, erotic, passionate, funny, and heartwarming book. Get Lee Piper's "Rock My World".
RATING: 5 Stars 

Reviewed by: Nikki

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  1. Thank you for your review, Nikki! I'm so thrilled you loved Rock My World just as much as I do. I hope you enjoy Rock My Body, Book #2 just as much. Much love, Lee x