Saturday, June 24, 2017

REVIEW- Tails: Werewolf (The Coin Toss #2) by Cheyenne Meadows #5stars

Timber believes true love only belongs in fairy tales, but reluctantly agrees to attend the annual social event of the season and meet her blind date for the evening: a werewolf.

Rock doesn't need the complication of a human mate, not with the present pack alpha stepping down, a violent struggle to claim the position a few short days away, and a deadly rival set upon taking the throne for himself.

Will they pull together as fate deemed in order to save the pack and themselves or will the difference between them prove too large a hurdle to overcome? Can Timber open her heart to a part time fur bearer and recognize love can exist if only given a chance?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a significantly expanded and re-edited re-release story.

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Tails: Werewolf (Coin Toss #2) by Cheyenne Meadows is a funny, romantic, sensual sexy, and adventurous read. Roc and Timber's chemistry is something to definitely howl about. 
   Timber is an independent woman and she wasn't too happy about her friend setting her up on a New Year's Eve blind date and with a Werewolf no less. Roc needs to find a mate to solidify his place as Alpha, but he doesn't expect to find his one mate in Timber. These two opposites end up attracting and that's just the start of their adventure together. Both have a lot to learn. 
 Cheyenne Meadows blends romantic comedy with sensual sexiness with a dash of danger in her book, Tails: Werewolf . I highly recommend this book. 
RATING: 5 Stars 

Reviewed by:  Nikki

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