Saturday, June 24, 2017

REVIEW- Intergalactic Brides 10: Ella and the Alien Gamer by Jessica Coulter Smith #4stars

Ella has had a hard life as a single mom who barely makes ends meet. But she's never once asked for help, and she never would. When Valero barrels into her life asking for things she's not ready to give, she holds herself back. Mostly. The thought of taking the sexy alien to bed is more than a little tempting... except he's playing hard to get.

Valero has wanted a mate ever since he was old enough to think of having a family of his own. He's never thought of claiming a female with a child in tow, but Connor's amazing gaming skills intrigue the video game designer. Asking the small family to move in with him seems reasonable enough since he plans to claim them as his, but Ella's commitment issues prove to be a problem. What's a geeky gamer to do when the Cinderella of his dreams wants sex, but nothing else?

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Ella and her small son have only had each other and right now Ella is facing eviction unless she can find a better job. Scorned by the father of her son before he was even born, she's not looking for love. Well, that is until she meets Vesco who suddenly is looking for a family; her and her son. Now if only he can convince her he's the right man for her. 
This is a sweet, passionate, and sexy story that is well worth the read. 
RATING:  4 Stars 

Reviewed by: Nikki

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