Saturday, June 24, 2017

REVIEW- Overseer’s Chain by Viola Grace #4stars

Isabella is an excellent assessor, and she can put the right human in the right job without hesitation. When one of her little file manipulations gets the attention of the overseer, she is summoned to his offices and faces a harsh sentence.

Bound to the overseer by cuffs that keep her at his beck and call, Isabella gives him the details on human interaction while changing plans for her people with minuscule nudges.

Iktabi has been in charge of Imrahl since it became a viable outpost. Waiting for his own mate has been an exercise in patience. When Isabella ends up in his office, he knows his match when he sees it, but the paperwork is a nightmare

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If Science Fiction is one's preference then "Overseer's Chain" by Viola Grace is the book to read. Deep in space, an alien race needs women to help their dying race. Isabella Thems is given the job as an assessor because of her talent for classifying people into the job that will best suit them. When she oversteps, she is sent to the Overseer who decides that rather than punish her, he will make her his personal assistant. Isabella finds herself excelling at her job as well as her attraction to Iktabi, the Overseer. What Iktabi, who is the leader of his people, doesn't expect is his attraction to Isabella. She ignites more than interest. 
  The chemistry between Isabella and Iktabi is 'high flying'. That chemistry really helps the story unfold and the author did a wonderful job with the world she's created. It is a book and author worth getting interested in. 
RATING:  4 Stars 

Reviewed by: Nikki

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