Monday, December 26, 2016

REVIEW - Treasure Me by Michele Zurlo #BDSM #Romance #Suspense

Relocating to Kansas City with David and working for SAFE Security was everything Autumn thought she wanted…except that the job isn’t what she thought it would be, and her past seems to have a stranglehold on her emotions.

When Autumn takes a case without informing the rest of SAFE Security, she finds herself in hot water when secret victory blows up in her face. Her impulsive mistake almost costs their lives—and she soon finds herself jobless. Reeling from this failure and the way it’s damaged her relationships with David and the team, she vows to start fresh—with a new name and in a new city. Unfortunately a local crime boss has other ideas. 

In the midst of a mission, David must rush back to try to stop Autumn from leaving—only to find that Autumn and her sister have disappeared. Can he find them in time to save them and his relationship with the woman he treasures?

In Treasure Me, Michele Zurlo delivers a sexy, action-packed adventure tale full of emotional twists and turns.

Warnings: Spanking, D/s, Dom who puts his foot in his mouth, bratty sub, fingerpainting

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RATING: 5 Stars 

Treasure Me follows Autumn and David - two recurring characters - in Michele Zurlo's Doms of FBI series of books. Having not read the previous books I wasn't sure if I would feel lost, or looking for ways to fill in the blanks. Fortunately, Ms. Zurlo didn't leave me wondering. She has a refreshing way of telling a story, while interweaving a suspenseful and hot story at the same time. Not having much time for reading this holiday season, I found myself finding the time to finish this one.

All in all, it was a fantastic read and definitely something I would recommend.

Reviewed by: CJ

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