Monday, September 12, 2016

NEW REVIEW: Rock Hard by LJ Vickery

Marduk, Mesopotamian god of thunder, has been invisible for hundreds of years, his punishment for leaving an entire civilization to wither and die...all for the love of a woman. Now, the gods seem to be reaping a great deal of pleasure at his expense once again for it’s another little bit of a woman who has the power to make him whole. She lights his formerly passionless form on fire, but he'll have to battle more than the gods who placed him and his brothers in this purgatory to win her heart and her body. Some demons must be faced to be defeated, even if they are hers.

Tess has straightened her life out. That means no alcohol, no risk, and most of all NO MEN! But this god-like creature she first sees naked on the beach makes her forget the horrors wrought by another and consider the passion zinging through her veins. Can she take such a risk again without sacrificing her sobriety and her life?

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RATING: 5 Stars 

Rock Hard by LJ Vickery is an awesome, passionate, and adventurous read as the first book in her Immortals Series published by Wild Rose Publishing.
  Marduck, the God of Thunder, has become corporal after centuries of being invisible with his other immortal "brothers". Tess has had a hard life and is in no hurry to restart her love life; until she sees who has to be the most handsome man  on the planet running along the  beach with nothing more than a loin cloth.  When he sees her, the look in his eyes sends her running. Marduck is relentless in his pursuit of Tess but can he win her love and trust? Can he keep her safe from a God and a society bent on destroying the Immortal Gods before they find their Chosen females? 
Marduck and Tess's chemistry is off the charts; explosive. Tess is a relatable character and her strength will reach out to readers everywhere. Marduck's gentleness and sensuality is a seduction but there is a lot more to this pretty boy than great looks and off the charts sex appeal. 

I highly recommend this book and cannot wait to read the series.

Reviewed by: Nikki

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