Monday, September 12, 2016

NEW REVIEW: The Pirate's Revenge by Sarita Leone

Still grieving the loss of her father, Mary Sweet finds solace strolling the seashore at Quinn Beach. There she meets a handsome stranger who seems to share her sadness. He is utterly alone in the world, and praying to assuage his grief with this change of scenery. 

Revenge is a strong motivator, especially for a man who's been mistreated his whole life. The promise of pirate's gold colors Henry Titchell’s view--yet not so much that he can't see the beauty in Miss Mary Sweet. But while Henry is a stranger to Lobster Cove, he has not “stumbled” upon the place as he would have Mary believe. Instead he seeks retribution rather than rest

When Mary realizes the newcomer is not who he seems, will her heart be willing to forgive his sins?

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RATING: 4 Stars 

When I’m looking at historical fiction/romance, and see a title that mentions ‘pirates’, I have to admit I think first of action-adventure, and ships at sea.  Well, Leone’s ‘Pirate’s Revenge’ isn’t like that, but I definitely was NOT disappointed.  This book is a warm and touching love story, about two sad souls on a small island, during the historical age of piracy, but with no dramatic battles.

In the village of Lobster Cove, along Quinn Beach, Mary Sweet is mourning for her recently deceased father, sad enough that she sometimes feels a need to get away from her family and her household chores, and spend time on the quiet beach.  One day there, she meets another sad individual strolling by. Henry Titchell says little about himself, his family, his past, or where he came from, telling Mary only that he is completely alone. He has no family, no home, nothing.  Mary is so sympathetic to his situation that she doesn’t worry much about details. She has no idea that he’s actually seeking retribution for what he’s lost, some revenge for his suffering, and believes he can find it in Lobster Cove.

Henry finds a job, including food and living quarters, with the local blacksmith, and gradually settles in.  Some residents have questions about his intentions, but his hard work and quiet behavior soon earn him acceptance.  Mary becomes a friend, sharing conversations either down on the beach, or outside her family home; her mother, sister, and brothers like him too.  He asks occasional questions, but not enough to cause trouble; most of the details about what he is actually seeking are revealed only in his thoughts.  But, as his relationship with Mary grows, he begins to question himself.  Which is worth more, a pirate treasure and revenge for all he has suffered, or this relationship?  Will he lose everything when she learns why he really came to Lobster Cove?

This is a nice romantic tale about two attractive, interesting individuals who finally have a chance at the happiness of love, in a quiet historical setting.  I found it well-written, and very enjoyable, definitely worth a 4 Star rating.

I am grateful for the reviewer’s copy I received.

Reviewed by: Roberta

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