Monday, September 12, 2016

NEW REVIEW: Intergalactic Loyalties 4: Fated by Jessica Coulter Smith

There is but one thing a Tourmalane prince wants above all else -- his mate. When Lyros finds Roux on a floating brothel, he knows he must rescue the small human. She’s alluring, and yet her shyness intrigues him far more than any bold beauty could have. Lyros finds he wants to shelter her, protect her, and make her his in every way. But what if all he’s feeling is lust and not the true mating pull?

When a bit of trouble on his world requires him to make a trip to Earth, he asks Roux to go with him. Once he comes to terms with the fact that she’s truly his, he will stop at nothing to claim her. As they explore her world, and one another, Lyros can’t help but fall in love with the enchanting woman he can call his own.

With a baby on the way and the fate of his world at stake, Lyros knows he must return to Tourmalane, even though Roux has fallen in love with Paris. Just when Lyros thinks he has everything figured out, Roux gives him yet another surprise.

Happily-Ever-After has never felt so good.

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RATING: 3.5 Stars 

For a sweet quickie with a sinful sizzle to it, Intergalatic Loyalties: Fated is the book to add to your reading list. This quick read starts with Lyros; a prince who wants what every male wants; love and a family of his own. He is almost resigned to the fact of never having either until he rescues Roux, a human female who was sold to a floating brothel. Roux is his perfect match in every way and he wants to give her everything but can Roux love someone like him? Fated  by Jessica Coulter Smith is a must!

Reviewed by: Nikki

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