Monday, September 12, 2016

NEW REVIEW: Intergalactic Brides 7: Caitlyn and the Alien Protector by Jessica Coulter Smith

From hot, sexy, and available to single dad, this firefighter's life's going up in smoke. 

When Cosmir had a one-night stand all those years ago, he never dreamed that there would be consequences, but one look at small Katy's face and he can't deny that she's his. His life is hectic and full of danger, but like it or not he's now responsible for someone other than himself, and he works hard to carve out a place in his life for the adorable toddler. 

Caitlyn has already felt the burn from loving a fireman once and she refuses to do it again. When a fire claims everything in her life, she's forced to accept an offer she would have never otherwise contemplated. Moving in with Cosmir not only gives her a place to sleep -- other than her brother's couch -- but she's able to live with him rent free, in exchange for watching the enchanting little girl with the pansy colored eyes. 

What starts as an arrangement of convenience turns to something more as the three spend more time together. Cosmir begins to wonder if the woman of his heart has been right under his nose the entire time, and Caitlyn realizes that sometimes you have to give love a second chance.

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RATING: 4 Stars 

Cailtlyn and the Alien Protector is such a sweet and passionate story written by Jessica Coulter Smith as part of her Intergalactic Brides Series. Cosmir only wishes to do something that is meaningful and since living on Earth, he's been a fire fighter. Caitlyn narrowly escapes a horrific and devestating apartment fire thanks to Cosmir who rescues her. Cosmir and Caitlyn form a fast friendship when he enlists her to help with his little girl but that friendship quickly turns to more. However, Caitlyn had her heart broken when her firefighter fiancee died, can she trust her heart to another firefighter? Will Cosmir be able to win her heart? This book is a must read. It is too sweet, tender, and passionate to not give it a read. Well done Ms.Coulter-Smith!

Reviewed by: Nikki

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