Monday, September 12, 2016

NEW REVIEW: Frozen Stiff by LJ Vickery

Enten, the god of winter, has spent centuries avoiding rejection from women. He might be cold to the depths of his very soul, but one woman—his Chosen—holds the key to melting his permafrost. To keep her, though, he must embrace the heat sweeping through his heart—and his body. Unfortunately, he and the group of gods he calls brothers are trapped on Earth’s plane by a malevolent force that could bring violence to her doorstep.

Gloria Wingfeather lived through hell, physically and emotionally singed by the viciousness of her ex-husband. For years, she’s dedicated her time and her heart to making a life for herself. The sexy god of chill has the potential to heal those charred wounds or to set her ablaze with passion.

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RATING: 4.5 Stars 

Winter has never been so sexy or fun than with the sensually hot adventure that awaits in LJ Vickery's Frozen Stiff. Enten is the God of Winter and has found his Chosen mate in a human female named Glory who is more than his match in so many ways. Glory is an independent spit fire who is determined to make Enten as much hers as she already is to him but Enten's fear of harming her with his Sub Zero chill is enough to keep Glory at arm's length. The chemistry between these two is off the charts and when they band together with the other Gods and Goddesses to save their queen, it is one heck of a ride. This is a must read.

Reviewed by: Nikki

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