Sunday, January 5, 2014

REVIEW: Stand and Deliver Your Love by Killarney Sheffield

Mistress Sarah was once a woman of promise, until a greedy relative left her to fend for herself on the cold, hard streets of London. Now she does the only thing she can to survive and care for those she has sworn to protect.

Lord Byron Cobbett has given up on life after the death of his beloved fiancee. On a trip to London to clear his family's name he tangles with disaster.

Sarah gets more than she bargains for when she unwittingly rescues Byron. She must find a way to convince him to keep her secret. Can she allow herself to love him and still keep her promise? Will Byron stand and deliver his love to the auburn haired bandit and risk his own freedom?

The twists to this plot provide more than just the expected romance traits, giving a deeper level of complexity and drama to a risky relationship. Killarney tells a gripping tale. Rosalie Skinner, author of The Chronicles of Caleath series. 



I gave this book 3 stars

Sarah is a young woman with so much on her hands to take care of orphan children. She is a good person with a heart of gold, but is it enough to overcome the string of bad luck that happens with her and her love interest Byron? It is a good story, some things in the story will have you guess what is to come next. It has some passion as well as some adventure.It is a good read and one I recommend if you want some excitement to read with unexpected surprises along the way. 
Will love prevail? You will have to read it to see what I am talking about. A very passionate book, an interesting story and read.

Thank you to the author for the reviewers copy.
Reviewed by: Ana

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