Wednesday, January 8, 2014

REVIEW: Not So Silent Night by Kelly Ryan

Another lonely Christmas approaches for Anna and her life of penance—until the otherworldly Alexander appears.

Anna is a lonely woman, running her dead grandmother's flower shop. She hates Christmas and could not feel more lost when a handsome and mysterious Russian, Alexander, walks into her shop and her life. Each has secrets and magic they are harboring. Just as their passion erupts, the good old boys in town threaten to ruin everything. Getting to know each other is tough for most couples, but with a pack of werewolves out to destroy them, things become intense. They find themselves in a fight for their lives. Can their newfound love give them the strength to win against this threat and trust in the future?

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4 Stars - Be prepared for a very different Christmas!

Anna runs her late grandmother’s flower shop in Vermont, but due largely to some personal losses, she is not very happy about the Christmas season.  Now, she has learned that she is allergic to poinsettias and other holiday greenery, which doesn’t make it any easier.  Then, with Christmas hardly a day away, a new customer shows up, right at closing time.  Alexander is a very impressive Russian, visiting Vermont with his family, and the chemistry between him and Anna is immediate and explosively hot.  Throw in Anna’s friends, Alexander’s family, and two local brothers who want Anna for themselves, along with a few personal secrets, and you will be celebrating an intense holiday!

I rate this book worthy of 4 stars.  It is an original, tightly written holiday romance, set in a Vermont town that turns out to be just a bit unusual.  The characters are interesting and nicely portrayed, the romance is fast and VERY hot, and there are some wonderful surprises in store.  The only fault I found is that the romantic relationship gets too hot too soon – personally, I would have preferred a slightly slower introduction, giving the readers a little more time to meet the characters before the flames took over.  However, it was still well worth reading.

I am grateful for the free reviewer’s copy I was given.

Reviewed by: Roberta

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