Saturday, January 18, 2014

REVIEW: All I Want for Christmas by V. L. Locey


Alexander Dawson thought this Christmas would be a lonely one. He has no way of knowing that his cantankerous cat, Mister Tibbets, will turn a simple online shopping trip into a cataclysmic Christmas conundrum. Alex ends up on a madcap dash to another state during a snow storm to return a painting to dreamy wildlife artist, Cooper Reynolds.  Once he stumbles across Cooper's remote log cabin, he and the sexy but emotionally distant painter end up sharing more than a kiss under the mistletoe.

Things aren't all holly-jolly for the men though. Cooper gets a terrible case of icy feet, and Alex hits the road as soon as the snowplow clears it, feeling hurt and angry. Can Alex, Cooper, and their feline friends find a way to have purrfect holiday together?

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4.5 Stars

I would like to say that is has been awhile since I’ve had the pleasure of reading such a tongue-in-cheek story as All I Want for Christmas by V. L. Locey.  I giggled, out loud, several times at the antics of the cat, Mr. Tibbets, owner of Alex Dawson the main character of this story as told by his point of view.  I say a cat owns his human because what Tibbets does to his human as his human meets and falls in love with a painting artist, Cooper Robinson, is deliciously funny, sweetly romantic, and enough angst to keep it interesting without going overboard.  And angst does happen when Tibbets meets Cooper’s cat, Jezebel.  This is definitely the story for you if you are a lover of cats and a lover of funny, slightly demented pets, and two men who are really perfect for each other getting together at the best time of the year, Christmas.  It is romance, snark, and amusement watching these men find happiness together set in a winter wonderland where odd snowmen, expensive paintings, and cats are involved.  There were a couple of references that I didn’t get but for the most part I could follow the common ones.  All in all, I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Reviewed by: Eloreen 

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