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REVIEW: ENEMY MINE: Mending the Veil, Book 1 By Kelliea Ashley

Witches and Guardians are mortal enemies, but when Rissalynn finds herself Travis Holt's target, fighting him is the
last thing she wants to do.
Rissalynn Jennings is a Witch promised to a Warlock she doesn't want. When she goes to a secluded cabin to hide from her upcoming nuptials, she receives an unexpected visitor. The Guardian is her mortal enemy, blood-bound to kill her kind. She never expected to feel an undeniable attraction for Travis Holt, but one touch on a moonlit night is all she needs to know she belongs in his arms.
Travis has carried a gut-deep hatred for all Witches since the death of his parents. He joined the Guardians of the Light in order to annihilate their evil and cleanse the earth of their blood. He sought out the Witch with subterfuge and treachery on his mind, but after he's tasted her lips will he be able to take her life when the opportunity presents itself?

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4.5 Stars
‘Enemy Mine’ is an entrancing paranormal romance, with suspense and intrigue throughout.  Rissa Jennings is a witch, the daughter of the High Priest.  She has come to a solitary cabin in the woods, dreading the marriage her father has arranged.  Travis Holt is a Guardian of the Light, a group dedicated to destroying witches and magic.  He also has a desperate need to avenge his parents’ murder. So, it isn’t an accident when these two come together; Travis intends to use Rissa against her people if possible, or just to kill her outright if necessary.
Instead, these two find themselves drawn inevitably toward each other, yielding not only to sexual attraction, but also a growing, intense need to love each other, that proves much too powerful to resist. Now everyone is their enemy. Their only friend is Theophyline, Rissa’s faithful familiar, usually seen as a fluffy white cat, but with special powers of her own.
Yes, this is definitely a love story, but there is violence, tragedy, and betrayal also.  It’s a compelling tale, with three appealing central characters.  Although the heat factor does get very high, the sex doesn’t push aside either plot or character development.  Overall, ‘Enemy Mine’ is very much worth reading.  The only flaw, in my opinion, is that Rissa makes two very crucial decisions abruptly, without any warning to the reader, which was a little confusing.
I give this book 4.5 stars, and I am eager to see what happens as this series continues.

I am grateful for the free reviewer’s copy I was given.

Reviewed by: Roberta 


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