Saturday, January 23, 2016

REVIEW: The Salvation State by Marcus Damanda #Dystopian #YA

“This is what the truth is. Second Salvations murdered my parents, and I’m running away.” 

A single post over unregulated Internet channels. A sleeping society awakens to a chase, broadcast live on television screens all across the New United States of America... 

Rebecca and Daniel have never met. A fifteen-year-old preacher’s kid and a sixteen-year-old atheist outcast, they appear to have little in common. And yet they have both attracted the attention of a recruiter for Angel Island, where bad kids go to be remade—or destroyed. 

Agents of the all-powerful New America Unity Church will stop at nothing to get them. They’re building an army, a modern children’s crusade, in which Rebecca and Daniel may be just the kind of future leaders they need. 

If not, they might be just the kind of sacrifice necessary to keep the rest of the faithless in line.

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RATING: 5 Stars 

There are very few times when I am not reading at least one book in my life. Recently I have spent my time reading books over again while waiting for something new to catch my attention. Even with numerous books available, I hadn't found anything I really wanted to read and not put down in many months. Yesterday, however, I started reading The Salvation State  by Marcus Damanda and was drawn into a future world that refused to let me go until I finished. Rebecca and Daniel are both very well written characters, you can't help liking them and wanting them to succeed. The other characters surrounding them, gave greater life to the main characters, bringing more depth to their stories. this book will be one I am sure I will re-read and add to my collection. Mr. Damanda has written a captivating novel, and I am looking forward to reading more of his work as soon as possible. 

Reviewed by: Jessica R.

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  1. Thank you, Jessica! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! More coming. :)