Monday, January 18, 2016

REVIEW: Intergalactic Brides 4: Charlotte and the Alien Ambassador by Jessica Coulter Smith #SciFi

Born into a world of silence, Charlotte has always been made to feel inferior to her sister in every way. When her father demands she take Charity’s place in a bride exchange on another world, Charlotte decides to embrace her future and hope for the best. She knows it's her last chance to find happiness, and she'll do anything to grab it with both hands.
Borgoz agreed to see the young girl married, but the ethereal woman who steps off the shuttle holds him spellbound. She's everything he's ever wanted, and the one thing he can never have. His job as Chief Councilor of his world is too demanding to give him time for a family of his own… but that doesn't stop him from wanting her.

A moment of passion flares bright between them, and unbeknownst to Borgoz, has lasting consequences. When Charlotte returns to her world, he's devastated and realizes he's lost the one thing he wants most. Will he buck the rules of his planet and go after Charlotte? Or will he live with the heartache he feels as the memory of her touch haunts him?

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RATING: 4 Stars 

I am not usually an alien romance novel fan but I dearly loved this book. Jessica Coulter Smith has written a very sweet, sensual, and heart warming read. I adored Charlotte and how her character was written with so much strength despite being deaf. The chemistry between Charlotte and Borgoz are off the charts. It was such a sweet read. 

Reviewed by: Nikki


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