Monday, January 18, 2016

REVIEW: Carpathian Blood (Book 1 in series) by Michelle Hoefle #PNR

All she wanted was a
new caught in the middle of a war...will he be her salvation or her

Enter a world where
vampyres truly exist and join the Terranian Warriors and their mates who fight

Mackenzie Hilton and
her young brother come to Romania to begin a new life.  After an attack by a vampire, they are
unwillingly brought into another world.

Vlad is the leader of
the Terranian warriors.  When he rescues
Mackenzie and her brother from a vicious attack, he instinctively wants the
lovely Mackenzie for his own.

 Terrorized by a
power-hungry vampire, will Mackenzie be able to trust in Vlad's love enough to
save her?  Or will being brought into his
world of danger and war break her?

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RATING: 4.5 Stars 

When I chose this book, I hoped that I would like it. I didn't just like it; I loved it. "Carpathian Blood" is not your typical Dracula romance story and I loved the fresh twist that Michelle Hoefle put on it. Vlad and Mack's chemistry is off the charts. This is a panty scorcher for sure but it is so much more. There is a really great story-a plot full of twists and turns that makes this a great thrill ride to read. I highly recommend this book. Is a "MUST READ".

Reviewed by: Nikki

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful and encouraging words. I am so grateful that you enjoyed my story. I loved creating this world and am truly thankful when others enjoy visiting it. :)