Monday, January 18, 2016

REVIEW: Queen of the Hollow by Jacci DeVera #Romance #Interracial

Calla is a young shifter, the only female within miles High Lonesome, her small southern West Virginia hometown. Her mother had managed to keep her safe from the bounty of male mountain lions in the past, but now Calla finds herself alone and without a protector...and the moon is full.
Haben hasn’t been able to get close to Calla since their first meeting, right around Valentine’s Day. When he shows up at her house a year later, he finds the wounded spit-fire determined for him to keep his distance - despite his instinct to keep her safe.

Calla must choose to either place her trust and safety to an outsider, or fight off every male mountain lion between here and Charleston with just her wits and a shotgun. The stakes are high and the numbers are against them. Even if they prevail, will Calla be able to keep her heart safe from her protector till sunrise?

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RATING: 4.5 Stars 

This novelette is one of the best shape shifter stories I have ever read – and since I am very interested in this topic, I’ve read a LOT of shifter stories.

‘Queen of the Hollow’ is a beautifully written romance intertwined skillfully within a nicely drawn shifter culture, set in West Virginia.  Calla is a young, solitary female mountain lion shifter, going into ‘heat’ for the first time since her mother died, and it was always her mother who protected her from all the demanding males in their rather isolated mountainous region.  Understandably, she’s quite frightened, and not really sure just how she’s going to protect herself alone, or even if she can.

But around a year earlier, another shifter, Haben, a leopard, met Calla in human form, and became very interested in her.  He has come to her cabin, hoping to finally get to know her better.  Calla has already been injured, and there are quite a few males circling around in the woods.  She doesn’t know Haben very well, but at least she had met him previously, however briefly, and the circumstances lead her, reluctantly at first, to accept his help.

The courtship happens in intervals between attacks, as Calla and Haben get to know each other in both forms.  Heat builds rapidly, and there is definitely romance all through the intense fighting.    As you read, you know these two must come together, and you will not be disappointed.  Make no mistake: ‘Queen of the Hollow’ is not novel-length, but it IS a complete story, very tightly written, covering the backgrounds and personalities of both Calla and Haben, the structure of their shifter society, which has many original elements, and the development of their romance.  However, even though this story was complete, I admit I would love to read a sequel.

I enjoyed it very much, and give it a 4.5 Star rating.

I am very grateful for the reviewer’s copy that was sent to me.

Reviewed by: Roberta


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  1. Roberta, thank you very much for reading Calla's story, and for writing such a wonderful review. It's made my entire month. You and Sensuous Reviews are much appreciated.