Thursday, September 3, 2015

REVIEW: Red's Wolf Series: Grimm Woods Book One by Arianna Archer

The deeper the woods, the darker the secrets...

Arden Wilde is at the top of her game. She's got a gorgeous, attentive boyfriend on the fast track to a promising medical career, she attends the best culinary school in the nation—the Culinary Institute of America in New York, and is nearly finished with her externship with an eminent chocolatier. But when she's called home to Grimm Lake, California to help care for her ailing grandmother, Arden agrees without hesitation. 

Running through the woods becomes one of her passions, and she runs every day on her way to help care for her grandmother. Until she meets the enigmatic Tate Foster, the darkly handsome, tattooed manager of the Little Bear Brewing Co., sunbathing nude by the path to the lakeshore. He invites her to swim with him, but Arden declines—she has a boyfriend, after all. But it isn't long before thoughts of Tate become more than she can ignore. 

When she mentions him to her grandmother, she's given a stern warning. The Fosters are "old Grimms," from one of the original founding families in the town, who keep mostly to themselves. There are legends, ugly stories, about the old families and their Germanic roots, and about the Grimm wolves—shapeshifters who lived double lives as wolves and humans. Arden doesn't believe a word of her grandmother's fairy tales, until a night of Tate's fierce, skilled sexuality drives all rational thought from Arden's mind. 

When a tourist is found murdered in the woods, savaged by animals, Arden isn't sure what to believe. She knows she can never go back to her old boyfriend in New York. And the brazen, feral Tate has no intention of letting her go anywhere...

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RATING: 4.5 Stars

Red's Wolf is RED HOT! I thought I was going to get some spin off of the fairy tale but this is NO SPIN OFF. This book stands alone and was a red hot intense read. Not only did it have one heck of a love triangle but the chemistry between Arden and Tate was sensual, wild, passionate, and untamed. It had me re-reading as soon as I ended the book. I wish it had been longer it was just THAT GOOD! I highly recommend adding this book to your reading library like ASAP! Red's Wolf has everything a steamy hot paranormal romance needs to be a great story. Well done Arianna Archer! Well done!

 Reviewed by: Nikki

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