Thursday, September 3, 2015

REVIEW: Fallen Justice by Monica Owens

Dagon is a fallen Archangel. When he fled Hell, he took along his soul killing sword of Hellfire. After centuries with his sword, Dagon has it stolen, causing him to descend into a whirling madness. 

Gina Marcos has just found her grandmother and now is forced to bury her. The murder of the ex-nun comes to the attention of the church and they ask the Fallen Angels to investigate. Gina, and her many secrets, finds it necessary to coexist with Dagon and his roommates. 

As the investigation into Sister Mary Ruth's death continues, Gina and Dagon enter into a dangerous relationship. And if Gina's past doesn't come between them, then Dagon's madness surely will.

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RATING: 4 Stars

I am fallen for Monica Owen's "Fallen Justice". Dagon and Gina are two hellaciously hawt hawt hawt characters who take the reader on a pretty great thrill ride. Dagon, is a bad boy that every reader is going to fall for and Gina is the spit fire that you will root for. This story is not your regular paranormal romance by any stretch. It's going to take everything you THOUGHT you knew about what makes a great romance and shake it up before making a totally new formula that you will be sure to love as much as I did reading it. I just wish it had been longer. Love is hell but who better than Dagon, Gina, and the Devil's own children to take you on one hell of journey.

 Reviewed by: Nikki

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