Thursday, September 3, 2015

REVIEW: Dirty Rotten Vampires 4: Dare Me Once by J. Hali Steele

Vald Gerlach is the oldest vampire alive and the power encompassed in his body can only exist in one monster at a time.

Today, he's that monster. With thousands of years to devise ways to make a creature beg, Vald will test some on Drecara, whose hot, curvaceous body he desires. And because he must, he plans to experience the charms of Mictain, her protector, just to feel his burn.
The game is on and Vald hopes the extraordinary demons are up for the challenge!

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RATING: 4 Stars

Vald is no poetically philisophical vampire. He's about as evil as evil can get. There is not too much he wouldn't do and a lot he would to get what he wants. He's ruthless but give him the one being in exsistence that has ever made me crave something above blood, power, and well power and you have Dare Me Once by J. Hali Steele. This book was well worth the read. Dre and Vald are dynamic and combustible. You'll believe him to have mastered her but by book's end, Dre is the one who is the master. I really did like this book and wish it would have been longer but it was a great thrill ride from start to finish.

 Reviewed by: Nikki

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