Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review: Remind Me

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Level: 2

Word Count: 15, 075

ISBN: 978-1-77233-113-4

Editor: Melissa Hosack

Cover Artist: Sour Cherry Designs
After 12 years of marriage, Priscilla Blackwood has decided to leave her husband. Retreating to their mountain cabin, she hopes the time away will help heal the heartache she feels from leaving the only man she’s ever loved. 

When Max Blackwood returns home to find out that his wife has left him he is devastated. Refusing to give up on her or the life they’ve built together, he sets out to find her before it is too late. When a winter storm hits, his plan to rescue their marriage careens off course. 

Will being stranded together in a blizzard be enough to repair their broken relationship? Or will Max be forced to say goodbye to the woman who stole his heart so many years ago. 

Available at:   Evernight Publishing


RATING:   4 Stars

Maximus and Priscilla Blackwood have been married for close to 13 years, and then Cilla decided she just couldn’t take it anymore.  Max is once again working longer than he should, making her feel like he didn’t want to spend any time with her, so she drives herself up to their very isolated cabin in the mountains, leaving a letter for Max to find when he finally gets home, telling him she planned to file for divorce.  When Max finds the letter, he just can’t figure out what his wife’s problem is.  He works so hard and so long to be able to give her everything she needs, and as a result, they have what he thinks is a great life, even if they haven’t been able to have any children yet.

So, what is missing in this relationship?  It isn’t love, and it quite certainly isn’t sexual attraction.  One word: communication.  This couple has never learned how to truly talk to each other, and as a result, there are so many important things they each assume, incorrectly, that the other already knows.  This is the core of Nicole Morgan’s short but passionate love story, ‘Remind Me’.  When Max figures out where his wife must have gone, he drives up to the cabin in the middle of a blizzard, comes close to being killed when a tree falls on his car, and then the two of them, husband and wife, are stranded together in this small, almost primitive cabin.  In this situation, there really is very little they can do – so eventually, they start to talk.  To really, truly, communicate with each other, not only physically, but verbally.

No, this is not a completely original or unique plotline, but in a story like this, it is the characters and their interactions that make everything fit together in an original manner.  Morgan has built a solid, believable, foundation here, wrapped around elements of personality, childhood experience, social background, self-image, and simple misunderstanding, to pull her readers into a desperate relationship: two people who know they are in love, but still need to figure out to build a life they can share.

‘Remind Me’ is a pleasant story, and I enjoyed reading it.  Morgan put things together carefully, so despite the shortness of the story, you are not truly sure what Max and Cilla will decide to do, until you reach the end, and yet everything is believable.  It took skill to accomplish this is in so few pages. I highly recommend this story to fans of erotic true romance, and give it 4 stars.

I am very grateful for the reviewer’s copy I was given.

Reviewed by: Roberta

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