Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review: Escaping Christmas

Escaping ChristmasAuthor, Alexandra Storm, escaped to the mountains of Colorado to avoid everything about Christmas, including her ex-boyfriend. He dumped her on Christmas Eve two years ago, and the holiday has haunted her since. Her plan is to write her way through the dreaded Christmas cheer.
But, she didn't expect her new landlord, Zach Camden, to be a hunky savior on a snowmobile. After learning of her aversion to the holiday, he vows to give Christmas back to her. The attraction is undeniable, but she doesn’t need another failed romance. And she most definitely doesn’t need a reunion with her ex, or the escalating threats from an unknown enemy.

As the danger increases, will she survive the season and allow love to restore her holiday spirit?

Available at:   Wild Rose Press, Amazon, and B&N.


RATING:   4 Stars

All Alexandra Storm wants is a quiet Christmas by herself, to work on her latest book and be away from publicity about the movies based on her book series, away from her ex-boyfriend and her interfering mother.  She’s chosen to rent a solitary cabin up in the mountains of Colorado, where she can be completely alone.  She didn’t count on a hunky host, Zach Camben, who owns the cabin, along with several ski resorts, or on weather conditions that leave her and Camden stranded together – or her ex-boyfriend, Owen Banks, showing up trying to win her back, or someone breaking into her cabin to leave threatening messages, or phone calls from her mother ordering her to reunite with Owen.  But who are the threats from?  Is there something odd about Owen’s supposed marriage?  And then reports about her father’s health draw Alexandra back home ….

It’s very easy to like, and sympathize with, Alexandra.  To like and admire Zach.  To hate self-loving actor Owen – at least, for a while.  And to be very happy your own mother is, hopefully, nothing like Alexandra’s.  These characters grabbed my attention from the first pages.  This was a fun book to read, with romance, suspense, a little mystery, and several nice surprises, which kept my interest all the way through.  I finished the book cheering for the hero and heroine,  pleased to know the villains had been caught, laughing at the pathetic Owen – and still happy that I never had to cope with a mother like Mrs. Storm.

‘Escaping Christmas’ was a comfortable, relaxing read.  It was well-planned and nicely laid out, with good characters, an interesting main plot, and fun sub-plots.  I truly enjoyed it, and give it 4 Stars.

I am very grateful for the reviewer’s copy I was sent.

Reviewed by: Roberta

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