Wednesday, June 11, 2014

REVIEW: Dire Wolves (Anthology)

Blind Spot by Cynthia Sax: Years ago, Pavel lost his eye, three members of his pack and his position as alpha. Can Maggy help him find a reason to live again?

Whiteout by Shelby Morgen: Zan gives John a reason to want to live as a man again. But before he can make that kind of promise, he's got unfinished business to take care of.

Silence by Lena Austin: Noel Miller, a vampire with a few scars of his own, wants to be more than Cam's sign language interpreter. If only the werewolf will let him into his life -- and heart.

White Heat by Shelby Morgen: Heather Grant's got far too much experience working with stubborn males. She figures it would serve both Alphas right if their pride blows their cover. But someone's got to salvage the mission.

Foxed by Sam Cheever: In remote Alaska, Sinopa finds a new love, a new life, and a killer with a grudge.

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RATING:  4 Stars


The authors who have contributed to The Dire Wolves Anthology have created a collection that grabs the reader, takes them on a journey, and ensures some cold showers. Erotic, captivating, and deliciously carnal are how I would describe The Dire Wolves Anthology. It is definitely worth reading, worth adding to one’s reading library, and well worth re-reading. The characters are easy to follow yet  their stories are filled with complications and a Route 66 kind of journey with thrills, some chills, and enough sensual eroticism to keep the adventure going. I loved reading it and can’t wait to see what more comes from these five authors as well as Lena Austin. This collection is not your usual shifter or changeling paranormal romance.

Reviewed by: Nikki 

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