Friday, June 13, 2014

REVIEW: Bitten by Darkness

Sienna knows she's different, knows she's missing some essential part of her soul, and she's okay with that until she encounters Jasper. Unfortunately, meeting the love of her life for the first time while he's standing over her wounded best friend in the middle of the woods isn't the most auspicious beginning.

Jasper is dangerous. Alluring. Everything she should fear, especially when she discovers he's out for revenge against the vampire who murdered his brother. Her mother warned Sienna to stay far away from the monsters, but how can she let Jasper face them on his own?

Revenant, vampire, slave—darkness is coming for them. Will evil consume Jasper and Sienna, or will love prevail?

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RATING:  3 Stars
Bitten by Darkness tweaked my interest with its title however it failed to capture me by the end of the third chapter. It is quite a short story. It has all the promise of a great book and I wanted to love it but it just falls short on hooking a reader in. It was not unpleasant reading but I found myself getting bored with it. The story is there, but it needs more development.

Reviewed by: Nikki  

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