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REVIEW: Solstice Surprise

Star Crossed Series Bk. 1

Kayla Webber had been training to fight for the Light her entire life. Demons she could handle, but she’d been ill-prepared to come face to face with the man who haunted her dreams.

The time has come for Kaleb Warner to fulfill his shared destiny with Kayla. There’s just one problem – she didn’t realize he even existed.

Will Kaleb be able to convince Kayla to combine their gifts to fight against the Darkness, or will this star-crossed couple deny the truth in their hearts?

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RATING:       3.5 Stars

‘Solstice Surprise’ is a pleasant, enjoyable story, with characters that are fun to get to know, facing serious danger with considerable courage and equally considerable humor.  In the prologue, we meet Kayla Webber and Kaleb Warner as small children, teasing and chasing each other.  As they play, they talk about a way to keep their love alive even if they are separated, with a lovely, short, children’s ceremony.  At the beginning of the story itself, Kayla is a young adult, a warrior for the Light trained to fight demons, and she has come to believe that Kaleb never really existed, that he had been her childhood’s ‘imaginary friend’.  On this night, however, she is about to learn otherwise.

Kaleb is another warrior for the Light, and he has been assigned to conduct the next phase of Kayla’s training.  For the rest of that night – and the rest of the story – the pair begin to learn each other’s skills and how to blend them together, while they start rebuilding their childhood friendship on more adult terms, fighting demons along the way.

There aren’t very many surprises in ‘Solstice Surprise’, but watching these two reconstruct a children’s friendship that was destined to become much more serious in their adulthood, struggling with various demons, some of which originated inside either Kayla or Kaleb, is interesting and fun.  The situations are serious, and the struggles faced by this attractive couple are compelling but crossed with enough humor to keep things fun to read.  Reading of their further adventures as an adult couple should be very enjoyable.  I would have preferred a higher level of tension, and perhaps a little more solid information about the characters’ backgrounds, especially Kaleb’s, but, all told, it was a nicely readable story.

I give ‘Solstice Surprise’ 3.5 stars; I like the characters and the situation, but would have enjoyed a little more solid feel to the threats they have to face.  Hopefully, this will come in future stories,

I’m grateful for the free reviewer’s copy I was given.


Reviewed by: Roberta 

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  1. A lovely review!! Thank you so much :) I appreciate you taking the time to read it.