Friday, August 12, 2016

REVIEW: Dragon's Heart: Dennenth's Darling by T. Cobbin #EroticRomance #PNR

Sarah knows her past will catch up with her sooner or later, but a red dragon catches her first.

Dennenth moved to London from his beloved mountains in Scotland, leaving his family, in the hopes of finding his true mate. Accepting his friend's job offer, he works as a bouncer in a nightclub. What better place to meet women?

Sarah is a single mother with a past she wants to forget. But having a psychotic ex-husband who will come looking for you as soon as he's released from prison isn't something you can get away from. She has enough on her plate, and she's not looking for a man. And she certainly doesn't expect to meet one who can…shift into a dragon. What the hell? But she soon finds herself caught up in Dennenth's world, shocked even more when the sexy man informs her that she's his mate.

When Sarah's past finally catches up with her, can Dennenth save her in time?

Content Warning: contains strong language, some violence, and lots of hot, steamy sex scenes
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RATING: 3.5 Stars 

Dragon's Heart: Dennenth's Darling by T. Cobbin was a sweet and passionate read. It is the story of a dragon shifter who finds a mate in a dedicated mother whose whole world revolves around her autistic child. After being rescued by a handsome red dragon, Sara finds that she is his true mate and he's not about to take "no" for an answer. However, Sara has her son, to think of plus she has an abusive and mentally unstable ex-husband to worry about. Dennenth says and does all the right things and Sara is falling pretty fast for him but what happens when the fairy tale ends and her real life comes calling? 
Dennenth will do anything for his mate. He accepts her son as his own but there's a part of Sara that she holds back from him. Dennenth isn't going to let her or little Freddie go without a fight. 
Dennenth's love and patience is endearing and how he so very quickly takes up the role of fatherhood where Freddie is concerned, is so sweet. Sara is a character that most women as well as mothers, will be able to identify with Sara. I recommend this book. It is a sweet love story with a great paranormal presence and a great message.

Reviewed by: Nikki

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