Monday, April 18, 2016

Djinn and Tonic by Stephanie Cage #Fantasy #Romance

As fashion photographer Sally Purdew sets up her studio for a special shoot, she wishes for the perfect male model, and he appears. Sal just wants to win at the Alternative Fashion Awards, but her model, Ashtad, is a djinn with the power to grant her wishes and turn her into anything she wants to be. From the pretty English town of Whitby to a tropical beach, Ash whisks Sal away on a magical trip neither of them can forget. When Sal finds herself falling for Ash, she has to decide: do they have a future together, or will his magic always come between them?
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RATING: 4 Stars 

If you’re looking for some light, fun reading, this one’s for you. 

Sally Purdew is a fashion photographer in Whitby, Yorkshire. At the opening of ‘Djinn and Tonic’, she’s preparing for a shoot that she hopes will be a winner at the Alternative Fashion Awards, and is only waiting for the right model.  And then, that model walks in: not only the right model, but the perfect model.  Ashtad Parisa is unbelievably attractive, sexy, with a charming accent, and he’s more than willing to do whatever Sal wishes.

But that’s exactly what Ash is there for, to do what Sal wants, because he’s specifically what she wished for – he’s a Djinn, and he’s there to grant any and all of her wishes.  Not only does Sal get the perfect photo shoot, she falls into an incredible romance, including a surprising visit to a beautiful tropical beach.  She finds herself believing that he really is the djinn he claims to be, and she also begins to fall in love with him.  This means it just might be possible for Ash to get what he’s wishing for as well, but for his wish to really come true, Sal has to truly accept who and what he is.

‘Djinn and Tonic’ is a paranormal romance that’s interesting, amusing, and easy to read.  On my first reading, it helped me forget that there was a blizzard going on outside my apartment walls, which was just what I needed.  I made myself wait a week before reading it again in order to write this review, so I could be sure it wasn’t just a desire to escape the miserable weather that made like the story.  Well, it wasn’t – today, the weather is absolutely gorgeous, and I enjoyed the story every bit as much.

This is a reasonably original story.  I would have liked it to be longer, to have some more details about both Ash and Sal, and about the background and the development of djinns.  I would also have liked a little more info about Sally’s friends, and her overall lifestyle.  Still, it was so much fun to read, that I’m more than willing to rate it worth 4 stars, and again, I recommend it to anyone who’s in the mood for a light, fun, nicely written romance.

I’m grateful for the reviewer’s copy I received.

Reviewed by: Roberta

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