Sunday, February 1, 2015

REVIEW: Dream Lover by Nancy Fraser

When offered the position of nanny for widowed Eric Garrison’s young children, Haley Parker hesitates only a moment before accepting what could be the perfect job.
Despite a hectic workload as a defense attorney, Eric does his best to spend time with his family. The more he gets to know Haley, the more he admires how she handles his kids. And the more insistent his attraction for the lovely, young nanny becomes.

Despite Haley’s resolve to not become involved, at night she dreams of him. Dreams far too steamy to share with even her closest friend Chloe.

On a family vacation to Paris, they spend an incredible night together, but will her dream lover disappear in the light of day?

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Haley Parker had to withdraw from her university studies to take care of her dying mother.  Now, she needs to find a job, hopefully one that will give her some evenings free so she can take night classes, get her degree in Education, and become a teacher.  Her friend Chloe has already done so, and helps Haley get a position as a nanny.  Widowed criminal defense lawyer Eric Garrison needs help caring for his two children, and Haley fits his requirements very well.

And so begins ‘Dream Lover’, a very traditional love story by Nancy Fraser.  The story takes place in 1959, set primarily in Boston but including a beautiful family vacation in Paris, to visit Eric Garrison’s widowed step-mother.  Now, by traditional, I mean that this book feels very much like the romances that I read and loved in college, back in the early ‘70’s.  The characters are nicely drawn, and quite likeable.  There is no real villain, although there are suggestions that Eric’s younger brother is somewhat less than a gentleman, and you may suspect his step-mother at first, also.  Primarily, though, Fraser has built a straight-forward romance between Haley, a lonely woman without any surviving family, and Eric, a widower who loves his children very much and wants them properly cared for.  You really want this pair to end up together, especially after the one less-traditional night they spend together, including a very powerful, and enjoyable, sexual romantic sequence.  Yes, these two are quite definitely in love.  The only question remaining is, can they make room in their life plans for each other?

There is nothing complicated, mysterious, or suspenseful about ‘Dream Lover’.  It is a lovely, enjoyable romance. You meet two very attractive but somewhat lonely people, from different backgrounds; a pair of adorable children; and some other characters who are important to the lovers’ lives.  Kick off your shoes, curl up in a comfortable chair, and meet some new imaginary friends.  I give this book a 4.5 rating, for any readers who yearn for a relaxing love story.

I am very grateful for the reviewer’s copy I was sent.


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