Thursday, April 3, 2014

REVIEW: Saving His Love by Margaret Taylor

Jake Reeves has spent the last five years helping women Aliens have kidnapped from Earth, find their lives again. It’s been a peaceful time. But he’s deeply missed Janel Canton even though she’s the one that shattered everything he thought he knew. And just like five years ago, his life is once again about to be turned on its ear. His first trip into the great and grand Universe only touched the tip of the Iceberg. This time around, he’ll have to get his act together and not only rescue Janel but face things he never dreamed could exist.

Janel Canton has spent the last five years continuing to ferry women back to Earth and it’s been a good life. She’s missed Jake, thought about him more than she should but is mostly happy with the way things turned out. When Moren leaves for the birth of his own child back on Alcantia, things go horribly wrong and she’s suddenly faced with decisions that will change everything.

Will Jake be able to get it together and Save His Love, or will he once again return to Earth, alone…

Come along and Explore the Universe, One Book At A Time…to find out what happens in the continuation of the Spi-Corp Series...

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4.5 Stars
It’s been five years since Jack Reeves last saw Janel Canton, his old high school acquaintance who now commands her own space craft, pursuing the sex-trafficking aliens who kidnapped her when she was just out of high school.  Jack met her again at their twentieth high school reunion, and unexpectedly found himself, and his son, thrown into space with her.  After that adventure, Jack and Jonathon returned to Earth, where most people have absolutely no idea that such things are happening, and Jack began helping Earth women that Janel rescued from the sex ring find their way back into their home planet’s society.
Time passes differently on Earth than it does in space, so for Janel it’s been considerably more than five years.  In fact, the daughter Jack fathered is now closer to thirteen, and she’s an incredible surprise to Jack when he is brought back into space to learn that Janel was captured by the slavers and his help is needed to rescue her.  So Jack and Jon find themselves once again involved in the politics and warfare surrounding the alien efforts to put a stop to the sex trafficking.  Then, things get even more complicated after they successfully rescue Janel, due to some drastic action she took to exact revenge upon her captors.  The result finds Janel, Jack, and their allies engaged in a life-and-death struggle against a new enemy they never anticipated.
I absolutely loved the first book in this series, ‘First Love Never Dies’, and was very eager to read book two.  Overall, I was not disappointed.  There is a lot more science fiction/action in ‘Saving His Love’ – most of it against an unexpected enemy that any fan of the old British TV series ‘Blake’s 7’ will find fascinating (and I am one such fan).  More is revealed about the different alien races and alliances, and how they interact with each other, and readers also learn a great deal more about the functions of the alien spaceships and space stations.  Things move very rapidly, and I was pulled in deeper all the time.  I finished the book in one session, and the next day I went at it again.
There were a few things in this book that I found difficult to understand, including the details of the time differences.  Also, as the action grew more intense, the movements between settings, ship to space station to another ship to a different section of that ship, etc.. were occasionally confusing to me.  As with a fair amount of science fiction, these things could possibly be easier to keep straight for those readers who have actually studied real science and/or engineering, but by and large, I didn’t find that it lowered my enjoyment all that much.  The politics, the characters and their relationships with each other, once again watching how Jack and Jon interact with and contribute to their alien associates, the intense action, and, always at the core, the romance between Janel and Jack – these grabbed my interest and kept it, all the way through.  This series has great possibilities, and Taylor is a good enough author to continue building for however long she chooses.
I rate ‘Saving His Love’ worth 4.5 stars, and I am very grateful for the free reviewer’s copy I was given. 

Reviewed by: Roberta 

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