Monday, February 24, 2014

REVIEW: Coming Home by Kay Fraser

Christmas would be bleak affair this year... until an emotionally scarred soldier returns from war and throws Kit's well-ordered life into upheaval.

Christopher Whyte never aspired to hold a respected position in the Langholm household. After all, during his youth, he had once been caught trying to pickpocket the former earl of Langholm. Yet somehow, through the magnanimous nature of the family and some unexpected circumstances, he has become valet to the new earl. However, with the new earl's arrival come the bittersweet memories and unwanted emotions that Kit had thought buried long ago. Then, an unexpected offer gives Kit a new perspective on his situation, and he must make a choice: a life of security and stability away from his new master, or one of unrequited love with him?

Alexander Harrington, the new earl of Langholm, knows he shouldn't have come back. After having fought in the Crimean War, the man he had once been no longer existed. As the Christmas season nears, he is only further reminded of how far removed he is from the idealistic youth he once was and how foreign his home now feels. But it is his new valet, a man he vaguely remembers from childhood, begins to rouse something within him—something sweetly tempting, yet undeniably forbidden. And when the reality of losing Kit becomes all too real, he is forced to confront and beat his past demons. Can a Christmas miracle restore his long lost faith before Kit is lost to him for all time?

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4.5 stars

This is a lovely Victorian-era historical Romance written by Kay Fraser and is called Coming Home.  The story is set in the mid-1800s between Alexander “Alex” Harrington, The Earl of Langholm, and his valet, Christopher “Kit” Whyte, whom he rescued from the streets when young.  This is a sweet romance with only a single sexual encounter between the two in private.  There is a lot angst due to the nature of the legality of male-male romances of the time, the situation of Kit’s birth, and Alex’s return from the Crimean War.  I would love to have had more sex and romance, but the kissing and non-penetrative sex they did have does blend into the storyline seamlessly and makes you smile.  I wanted to see more of their story and was slightly disappointed in a happy for now ending rather than a happy ever after, but I understand why the author provided the ending she did.  It in no way detracted from the story. I’m just a romantic sap that want everything tied up in neat little bow. 

Overall, it was very enjoyable and I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Reviewed by: Eloreen

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