Saturday, December 14, 2013

REVIEW: Centurion by LB

A Heated Exchange Short Story
Historical-Ancient, M/M
Lime Time Books
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"Can I be yours?"

Centurion Gaius Priscus has had his fill of war and death but knows no other life. When he meets the captive Salicar's gaze after battle, months of stringent self-denial catch up to him in a blazing rush of need.

Salicar is a healer, an educated man unused to battle but with his own experience of death. He should prefer death to captivity, but cannot find the courage to make it happen. 

Will the hardened warrior, tired of death and destruction, deny his captive's plea?


This was my first time reading strictly an M/M story and even though it was short it had quite a hot scene.I would have loved the story to continue as it was only about 23 pages. I think the author could definitely add to that and would keep the readers engaged. I love anything to do with history and the Roman times sure do pique my interest.

The Centurion Priscus has had just about his fill of fighting and was looking for an outlet and when he came across Salicar the dark haired thin man he saw something in his eyes and had to have him for his own. After Priscus had his fill of Salicar he was going to have to auction him off as a slave, however Salicar wanted Pricus to own him but since he was not a man of wealth would it be possible for Priscus to own Salicar?

The story kind of left off at a crucial point so I am hoping the Author will get more requests to add to her story and see where they both end up.

I would have to give it 3 stars only because there really isn’t an ending.

I was given and ARC copy for an honest opinion.

Reviewed by: Stephanie

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